WV Wedding Photographer | Jeb & Abby’s Jackson’s Mill Wedding

WV Wedding Photographer | Jeb & Abby’s Jackson’s Mill Wedding

I was so excited to hear about Abby's wedding.  I knew her and her family from photographing her sister's wedding earlier this year!  Abby and Jeb planned their day at the beautiful Jackson's Mill.  They had originally planned for a rustic outdoor wedding at the Amphitheater but the weather moved us into the Chapel (which I think is equally as beautiful!).  Check out some of my favorites from the day.

KHP_3466 KHP_3506 KHP_3485 KHP_3574 KHP_3555 KHP_3548 KHP_3601 KHP_3611 KHP_3620 KHP_3638 KHP_3663 KHP_3739 2 KHP_3670 KHP_3668 KHP_3767 KHP_3783 KHP_3799 KHP_3791 KHP_3780 KHP_3824 KHP_3831 KHP_3891 KHP_3899 KHP_3905 KHP_3930 KHP_3907 KHP_3910 KHP_3915 KHP_3959


My 2nd shooter Laurel always amazes me with her shots of the wedding processionals from the back of the church.  This one might have to be a new favorite for me.
KHP_3969 KHP_3964

KHP_3971 KHP_3981 KHP_3992

KHP_3995 KHP_4013 KHP_4018 KHP_4034 KHP_4115 KHP_4121 KHP_4136 KHP_4153 KHP_4161 KHP_3435 KHP_3452 KHP_3441

KHP_4213 KHP_4243 KHP_4250

KHP_4259 KHP_4307

KHP_4326 KHP_4365

KHP_4370 KHP_4379 KHP_4394 KHP_4741

KHP_4730 KHP_4717 KHP_4640 KHP_4859


Thank you so much Jeb and Abby.  Everything was amazing... we had a lovely time!

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