Justin & Lindsay’s Red, White, & Blue Wedding – Twin Tails Event Farm

Justin & Lindsay’s Red, White, & Blue Wedding – Twin Tails Event Farm

Last Saturday started with lots of clouds and rain.  But rain on a wedding day is good luck, right? Either way, it didn't keep the smiles off of Justin & Lindsay's face because they knew this was a good day no matter the weather!

We started at Twin Tails Event Farm where everyone was getting ready.  The spaces they have for everyone is perfect!  All of the girls had room to enjoy brunch, get their makeup and hair done, get dressed, and just enjoy this special time.  The guys took over the space at the celebration pavilion so we got a nice sneak peek at some of the beautiful details there!  Right when the rain started to pick up, it was time to head out to the ceremony at the beautiful St. Peter Apostle Catholic Church.  It was a gorgeous ceremony that also felt like a celebration!  Beautiful prayers, happy tears, and even some laughs.  After the ceremony, everyone made it back to the farm to celebrate. With friends, music, corn hole, food, pie and ice-cream, bourbon and cigars, everyone was sure to have a great time.  I even heard pizza made its way to the after party!

Thank you again Justin & Lindsay for letting us be a part of it. Here's the list amazing vendors and some of my favorite images from the day. Special thanks to my 2nd shooter Kaitie for so many of these!

Venue: Twin Tails Event Farm

Florals: Green Acres Flower Basket

Catering: Magnolia Catering Co.

Music: Dapper DJs

Desserts: Pie - Mountain Flour Bakery | Ice Cream - Lakeside Creamery
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