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The Barn at J&D Farm Wedding – Salisbury PA

It's always nice when all of the events of a wedding day can be completed at one beautiful location.  And what a location we had!  The Barn at J&D Farm was the perfect setting for this rainy day, country wedding.  Check out some of my many favorites. So many details and flowers! And as always, thanks to my talented 2nd shooter Laurel for many of these!

MDWedding-6 MDWedding-100 MDWedding-5 MDWedding-2 MDWedding-4 MDWedding-3 MDWedding-32 MDWedding-31 MDWedding-7 MDWedding-8 MDWedding-9 MDWedding-10 MDWedding-11 MDWedding-12 MDWedding-13 MDWedding-14 MDWedding-15 MDWedding-33 MDWedding-34 MDWedding-35 MDWedding-30MDWedding-1 MDWedding-36 MDWedding-26 MDWedding-27 MDWedding-16 MDWedding-17 MDWedding-18 MDWedding-19 MDWedding-20 MDWedding-21 MDWedding-22 MDWedding-23 MDWedding-24 MDWedding-25 MDWedding-28

MDWedding-38 MDWedding-29

Venue: The Barn at J&D Farm

Event Design/Florist: Trish Yoder Associates

Hair & Makeup: Andrea, Loraine & Jaime Poole of Baltimore, MD

Band/Music: The Hackens Boys


Garry & Crystal’s Garrett County MD Wedding

Crystal contacted me just a little over a month before her Garrett County, MD Wedding! I was so excited to be available and make it work for her and Garry. What a wonderful wedding! Their intimate ceremony was held at the beautiful Oak Grove Church and reception followed at Wisp Resort. Take a look at some of my favorites from the day!
g+C1 6

LOVE Tieks!  Such a fun pop of color!g+C1 7 g+C1 2 g+C1 1 g+C1 9 g+C1 8 g+C1 4g+C1 62 g+C1 3 g+C1 5 g+C1 10 g+C1 12 g+C1 11 g+C1 13 g+C1 15g+C1 14

g+C1 16 g+C1 18 g+C1 17 g+C1 19 g+C1 20 g+C1 21 g+C1 22 g+C1 23 g+C1 24 g+C1 25 g+C1 26

The weather was PERFECT for our outdoor shots of the bridal party.  We found a gorgeous location at Wisp just before storm clouds rolled in.CK8A2289 g+C1 28CK8A2414g+C1 30 g+C1 31g+C1 32CK8A2453CK8A2461g+C1 35 g+C1 36g+C1 37 g+C1 38 g+C1 39

While I finished up our bridal portraits, my 2nd shooter was able to get all of the many beautiful detail shots of the reception site during cocktail hour!  Perfect timing!  g+C1 40 g+C1 41 g+C1 42 g+C1 43 g+C1 44 g+C1 45 g+C1 46 g+C1 47 g+C1 48CK8A2747 g+C1 50 g+C1 51 g+C1 52CK8A2887 g+C1 54 g+C1 55 g+C1 56 g+C1 57


Glowstick Exit!g+C1 59 g+C1 60 g+C1 61
Special Thanks to my talented 2nd shooter, Laurel Hill, for MANY of these shots!
And again, THANK YOU Garry & Crystal so much for having us there to be a part of your amazing day!