Ben & Caroline’s Greenbrier Wedding

Ben & Caroline’s Greenbrier Wedding

I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with The Greenbrier to capture Ben and Caroline's stunning June wedding.  I was also happy to have my talented friend/photographer Maryn there to help me as my 2nd shooter.  We had to split up a couple of times to fit everything into our timeline and I'm so pleased with how we worked as a team!

Ben, Caroline, and family all got ready in the beautiful South Carolina Cottages.  So many amazing colors and patterns in each room!
R_S_4R_S_1 R_S_3 R_S_5 R_S_6 R_S_7 R_S_8R_S_11 R_S_9 R_S_10 R_S_12 R_S_13 R_S_14 R_S_15 R_S_16 R_S_17

Once ready, we enjoyed a first look at the Spring House.  This iconic location was perfect for such a sweet, intimate moment.  I just loved how amazed Ben was of his soon-to-be Bride.  He seemed speechless.R_S_18 R_S_20 R_S_21 R_S_22

We had time for a few images, then we all made our way to the ceremony.  Ben and Caroline held a simple, yet stunning, ceremony at the Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg.   R_S_24 R_S_23 R_S_25 R_S_26 R_S_27 R_S_28KHP_3983
R_S_30 R_S_32 R_S_31 R_S_33 R_S_34 R_S_35 R_S_36

The couple enjoyed some photo time with us around the many spectacular back-drops that the Greenbrier has to offer. It's possible that we enjoyed this part of the day more than they did.  This place is a photographer's dream!R_S_37 R_S_38 R_S_39.1 R_S_39 R_S_40

The walk to the reception site was lovely and peaceful.  It was also a nice quiet moment for the bride and groom to chat and unwind. Their reception was held at the Greenbrier's own Founder's Park.KHP_4398KHP_4516KHP_4584



The rain finally reached us just mid way thru the last dance.  That didn't stop the grand departure though!R_S_53R_S_54R_S_55KHP_5324

The Greenbrier states that it is America's Resort.... “where experiences are timeless and memories last forever.” I think it's safe to say that this tradition held true for Ben and Caroline.  The bold structures and colorful details in and around the resort beautifully complimented all that the couple selected for their special day.  I hope you enjoyed a few of my many favorites from this amazing wedding.

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  1. Great pictures, Kristin! What a lovely wedding! :)

  2. Laurel

    So gorgeous!!!! Well done my friend, well done.

  3. Thanks ladies! It was such an amazing day!

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